About Us

He used to introduce himself as 'Mr. Canadian Tuxedo' - that's how much he loved denim.

My dad was an oddball. And I loved him for it.

Two-piece — even, three-piece! — denim suits were more or less his daily wears. He'd have ten pairs of jeans, fifteen different shirts, and a whole host of jackets. I thought they looked the same, but he’d tell me different.

Every day, a different getup. At least, in his eyes.

I’m now all grown up, and he's sadly no longer around. But I finally understand his obsession. There's something so comforting about denim.

And now even I wear it. Every — single — day.

So, I felt it was high-time I put my heritage to good use, and make my papa proud. After all, I owe him for the inspiration.

He introduced me to the best makers and creators out there. They knew him way before they knew me. And now I'm taking their goods - knowing they're top-quality - and bringing them to you.

Pants, shirts, jackets - whatever you need. They’re guaranteed to be the best, and all’s guaranteed free-delivery. It's how my dad would have done it, so it's how I'm gonna do it.

Paps - this one is for you.